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Plant-based skin care for young people

What is Young Carpo?

Young Carpo is wholesome, effective, uncomplicated, plant-based, natural skin care, filled with nutritious ingredients, crafted to address young people’s skin needs, aiming at making them love the skin they are in!

Young Carpo is all about the goodness of the ingredients used and how they work in harmony with your skin.

Our Products

As much as we hate to use incomprehensible jargon, such as no parabens, no phthalates, no petrochemicals, etc., well, we can assure you that it contains none of this harmful, yucky stuff.

“Carpo” is Greek for fruit or bud. It’s not so much a reference to apples or pears… but rather nature’s renewed, fresh creations – the rebirth of something nutritious over and over again!

Oh, needless to say, we are also cruelty-free and vegan. 

Our generation knows what it wants. When it comes to skin care we need to become “skintelligent”. We are no suckers for the marketing hype that convinced previous generations to pay ridiculous prices for skin care products, half of which, they didn’t really need and in many cases they shouldn’t really be putting on their skin…

We have developed 4 essential products for young skin: Eyes & Face Cleanser, Face Moisturiser, Face Mask & Scrub, Pore minimising & Mattifying Face Primer. 

Of course, there will be more, but what’s the rush? Each new product will be based on what you want and need (yes, we are all ears, tell us what you want!).  No BS and fake promises. Just superior skin care products for blemish free, glowing, happy young skin. 

So come join me for the ride…  


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