Our Philosophy - Young Carpo


Your skin is you. Keep it healthy. Make it happy.

Food for your skin

If your body needs the best food it can get, so does your skin in order to be healthy and happy! And there is no doubt that healthy skin is happy skin!

We use herbs and plants from the Mediterranean region, because we are firm believers in the benefits of the Mediterranean diet! What better “food for your skin” than the Mediterranean’s renowned herbs and plants? 

We have teamed up with top skin care experts and scientists, i.e. chemists and cosmetologists who have worked for many years in leading skin care companies, as well as botanists and University professors with international experience, to ensure that our skin care solutions are packed with natural ingredients extracted in a way that allow young skin to get the maximum amount of nutrition per drop!

Star & Key Ingredients

We use olive leaf extract as the star ingredient for all our skin care solutions. And not just any olive leaf extract, but one from the Kolovi variety in Lesvos which has the highest proportion of oleuropein and oleacein, two extremely beneficial bioactive compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Olive oil is often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ due to its high nutritional value. Well, we see our olive leaf extract as being platinum!  

If you have been to Greece before, we’re sure you have seen Olive trees; can’t miss them, they are everywhere! No wonder Greece is famous for its top-quality olive oil. We know how healthy olive oil is, we’ve been using it in our food since antiquity! Now we use this superior olive leaf extract in all our products to give your skin the healthy boost it deserves, to make your skin happy.  

Our key active ingredients are sourced from Greece and more specifically from the following Greek islands:  Olive leaves from Lesvos (organic cultivation), mountain tea from Crete (organic cultivation), grapeseed oil from Samos (organic cultivation), mastic gum (mastiha) from Chios, perlite from Milos.

“Young Carpo is nutritious, uncomplicated, effective skin care, filled with natural ingredients, selected and crafted to address your young skin needs, aiming at making you love the skin you’re in!”

Young Carpo is all about food for your skin!

We believe in


The nutritious power of plants & herbs
If an ingredient is not nutritious enough for the skin, we simply don’t use it! We are all about the goodness of the ingredients used and how they work in harmony with your skin!


Saying “No” to nasty and/or suspicious ingredients
We say no to skin care nasties that may upset or irritate your skin. If an ingredient is suspicious and raises health concerns, it’s a no-go from us!
We vote for the good guys. Always.


A cruelty-free stance
The only bunny we know is Bugs Bunny! Neither our products nor their ingredients have been tested on animals! We also steer clear of animal by-products. As simple as that.


Honesty & Transparency
No ‘overpromise-underdeliver’ formulations. No misleading or fake claims. Just honest, truthful facts.


Minimising our environmental impact
Not hundreds of products you don’t really need. No outer packaging. No unnecessary paper use. Visit our sustainability page to find out more about how we believe in actions not just words.


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