Mascne, the new acne

Here comes the science terminology

It is considered a variant of “acne mechanica”, previously associated with headgear or personal protective equipment, so pretty much restricted to bikers or medical staff, factory workers or others who wear protective equipment for their daily jobs.

The Cause and Result of Mascne

“Mascne” is caused by a combination of the mask rubbing on your skin with heat, your PH and moisture from your biofluids, which in this case, is sweat. The result is acne in the O-zone as seen in the image below. This compares to the more common acnes such as the U-zone often referred to as ‘adult’ acne or the pimple and blackheads found in the T-zone which is more common in teenagers and young adults TIP: don’t forget to focus on the T-zone when you use your scrub to avoid those black heads!

Why Young Skin is more prone to mascne

Young skin produces more sebum. Even those who don’t usually have oily skin will find that the combination of the friction caused by the mask with an increase in temperature or humidity makes even normal skin oilier and sweatier. This is not just restricted to those of us in warmer climates because an increase in temperature can also be created by indoor heating.

How to Avoid Mascne

So, what do dermatologists recommend? Needless to say: cleansing is vital. However, the use of a moisturiser before and after wearing a mask is also recommended in order to create a barrier between the skin and the mask. More specifically for both cleansers and moisturisers, The American Academy of Dermatology states: “Botanical actives with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, sebum regulation, and antimicrobial properties are preferred.”

All Young Carpo’s products include olive leaf extract, whose beneficial bio-active compounds are renowned for all the above properties. Indeed our “Got You Covered” primer goes a step further as it has been formulated to ensure that your pores are not clogged up with sweat and other nasties and works as a veil between your skin and your mask.

“Mascne” is appearing on skins that usually don’t suffer from skin problems and for skins which were already more susceptible, it’s just an added headache. In both cases, we got you covered.